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  1. Adele Lawren Pacquette (2015)
    Metal Oxide Electrocatalysts for Alternative Energy Technologies
  2. Christopher J. Barile (2015)
    Design and Characterization of Advanced Battery Technologies and Mechanistic Studies of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction for Fuel Cells
  3. Laura Ann Huff (2014)
    Identification of Battery Products and Intermediates Through NMR Spectroscopy
  4. Hadi Tavassol (2014)
    Interfacial Processes in Li-ion Batteries
  5. Nichole Rochelle Honesty (2012)
    Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Passive Layers Formed on Electrode Surfaces
  6. Jeremy Hatch (2011)
    In-Situ Electrochemical Spectroscopy and Probe Microscopy Studies fo Electrodeoposition
  7. Matthew Thorum (2011)
    Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysis
  8. Andrew Campbell (2011)
    Interactions of Disruptive Materials with Phospholipid Bilayers
  9. Karen Stewart (2008)
    Copper Surface Chemistry Relevant to Chemical Mechanical Planarization
  10. Scott Shaw (2008)
    Investigation of Electrode Processes and Double Layer Structure Using Visible/Infrared Sum Frequency Generation
  11. Tighe Spurlin (2007)
    Investigation of Phospholipid Bilayer Interactions with Substrates, Polymers, and Nanoparticles
  12. Hancheol Kwon (2007)
    Spectroscopic and Microscopic Investigation of Electrochemical Interfaces
  13. Jongwon Kim (2005)
    Studies of the Structure and Electrocatalytic Reduction of Oxygen on Modified Electrode Surfaces
  14. Zac Schultz (2005)
    Interrogating the Electrochemical Interface Using Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
  15. Z. Vivian Feng (2005)
    Microscopic and Spectroscopic Investigations of: I. Copper-additive Systems in Electroplating Bath II. Supported Phospholipid Bilayer Systems
  16. Julie Wieland (2005)
    Probing Biological Systems at the Single Molecule Level: Studies of the Homophilic Binding of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule (NCAM) and Phase Dependent Lipid Anchorage Strength
  17. Xiao Li (2004)
    Dioxygen Electroreduction on Electrode Surfaces
  18. Craig Teague (2003)
    Characterization of a Keggin Polyoxometalate on Metal and Semiconductor Surfaces
  19. Myungchan Kang (2002)
    Copper Electrode Surfaces: Electrodeposition and Oxide Formation
  20. Lien Li (2001)
    Characterization of Silicotungstate Anion Modified Metal Surfaces
  21. Show-Jon Hsieh (2001)
    Correlation of Structure and Electrochemical Reactivity at Underpotentially Depositied Modified Gold(111) Surfaces
  22. Mary Ellen Biggin (2001)
    In situ Vibrational Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Study of Electrodeposition Additives on Copper Surfaces
  23. Nolan Flynn (2001)
    Metal Oxide-Modified Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Behavior
  24. Jennifer Monahan (2001)
    The Development of Microfluidic Devices Fabricated from Poly(dimethyl) Siloxane
  25. Siv Si (2001)
    The Structure of Solvents Confined to Metal Surfaces
  26. Joe Bondos (1998)
    Structure and Evolution of Intermetallic and Metallic Overlayers on fcc(111) Metal Surfaces
  27. Brian Niece (1997)
    Surface Coverage and Structure of Catalytic Monolayers on Au(111) Electrodes
  28. Katherine Richard (1996)
    In situ Studies of the Binding and Reactivity of Small Molecules at Metal Electrode Surfaces
  29. Doug Sneddon (1995)
    Structural Study of Electrochemically Induced Adsorption and Diffusion of Metal Surfaces
  30. Dawn Sabel (1993)
    Characterization of Metal Sites: I. In Molybdoenzymes and their Model Systems, and, II. On Silver Electrode Surfaces
  31. Chun-hsien Chen (1993)
    In situ Structural Study of Underpotential Deposition and Electrocatalysis on Gold(111) Electrodes
  32. Brandon Cruickshank (1993)
    Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Dissolution and Deposition Processes on Electrode Surfaces