Ph.D Recipients

Annie Esposito
Annie Esposito
ORISE Fellow at Department of Energy
2021 Ph.D. Chemistry
2017 B.S. Ohio University
Christopher Bandas-Rivera
Christopher Bandas-Rivera
Scientist at Northrop Grumman Corporation
2022 Ph.D. Chemistry
2017 B.S. University of Puerto Rico
Kenneth Madsen
Kenneth Madsen
Post-doctoral researcher at Northwestern University
2022 Ph.D. Chemistry
2017 B.S. University of Wyoming
Hadi Tavassol
Postdoc at Caltech
2014 Ph.D. Chemistry
2009 M.S. Northern Illinois University
2006 B.S. Sharif University of Technology
Claire Tornow
2013 Ph.D. Chemistry
2008 B.S. Eastern Michigan University
Joe Buthker
2013 Ph.D. Chemistry
2007 B.S. Calvin College
Brandon Long
Argonne National Lab
2012 Ph.D. Chemistry
2007 B.S. University of Illinois at Springfield
Dennis Butcher
Postdoc at Air Force Research Laboratory
2012 Ph.D. Chemistry
2007 B.S. Ohio University
Nicole Honesy
Intel, Chandler, AZ
2012 Ph.D. Chemistry
2007 B.S. Texas A&M University
Matt Thorseth
Dow Chemical, Marlborough, MA
2012 Ph.D. Chemistry
2005 B.S. University of Minnesota
Jeremy Hatch
Idaho National Lab
2011 Ph.D. Chemistry
2005 B.S. University of New Mexico
Matt Thorum
2011 Ph.D. Chemistry
2005 B.S. University of Utah
Andrew Campbell
Sapling Learning
2011 Ph.D. Chemistry
2005 B.S. Stonehill College
Karen Stewart
2008 Ph.D. Chemistry
2003 B.S. University of Texas
Scott Shaw
Post-Doc., University of Arizona
2008 Ph.D. Chemistry
2003 B.A. Monmouth College
Hancheol Kwon
Lam Research
2007 Ph.D. Chemistry
2000 M.S. Korea University
1998 B.S. Korea University
Tighe A. Spurlin
2007 Ph.D. Chemistry
2002 B.S. Lake Forest College
Jongwon Kim
Assistant Professor, Chung Buk National University
2005 Ph.D. Chemistry
1997 M.S. Seoul National University
1995 B.S. Seoul National University
Zac Schultz
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
2005 Ph.D. Chemistry
2000 B.S. Ohio State University
Vivian Feng
Assistant Professor, Augsburg College, MN
2005 Ph.D. Chemistry
1999 B.S. Linfield College
1997 I.B. United World College of the Adriatic
Julie Wieland
International Flavors and Fragrances
2005 Ph.D. Chemistry
2000 B.S. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Xiao Li
Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
2004 Ph.D. Chemistry
2000 B.S. Peking University

M.S. Recipients

Angela DiAscro
Field chemist at Illinois State Water Survey
2018 M.S. Chemisty
2015 B.S. Millersville University
Elizabeth Barile
Adjunct Faculty at CaƱada College
2015 M.S. Chemisty
2012 B.S. Hope College
Russ Spatney
R & D Chemist at Sherwin Williams
2015 M.S. Chemisty
Tom Mahle
TheMediaCows YouTube
2012 M.S. Chemisty
2009 B.S. Macalester College
Clinton King
Chemistry Instructor, Snow College
2007 M.S. Chemisty
2004 B.S. Brigham Young University
Ezra Eibergen
Flex-n-Gatebr2007 M.S. Chemistry
2003 B.S. Beloit College
Crystal Goshorn
Food Science and Human Nutrition, UIUC
2005 M.S. Chemisty
B.S. Butler University
Xueyong Zhang
Xueyong Zhang
2022 M.S. Chemisty
2019 B.S. Purdue University